Don't have time to make a will?

Making a will is something that most of us put on the back burner (me included, I didn't make a will until I had children, which was many years after I qualified as a solicitor).  My reasons were the same as most people, which may be one or more of the following: 

1. Lack of time (we all have busy lives!);
2. Expense; 
3. Not sure what I will be asked, who to benefit etc; and  
4. I don't want to think about dying (most of us don't!). 

One of the reasons that I made the move to being self employed was to provide flexibility to my clients. As a solicitor in a law firm I found it difficult leave my desk to visit people in their homes or workplaces.  If finding the time to make a will is the reason for your delay, please do get in touch, I can offer home visit at weekends and office visits through the week. 

And there is no VAT on my fees.  For more information on making a will please go to

Emma Pringle 

Please contact Emma Pringle, on 0774 385 7503 or by email to for further information about making a will or lasting power of attorney.