How do I appoint guardians for my minor children in my will?

Appointing guardians for your minor children by your will is straightforward. Once you have chosen your guardians (and discussed the appointment with them), the relative clause is simply added to your wills before they are signed. 

Considerations when appointing guardians include: 

Are the guardians suitable and responsible enough to look after children?

How old are the guardians? If you have young children, how old will the guardians be in 10 years' time?

Are you appointing a couple as guardians and if so, what if they separate?

Would you like to appoint as a replacement guardian if your first choice can't act? 

Should your children live with the guardian, or would the guardian move into your family home? If the latter, do you have insurance in place to cover any outstanding mortgage? 

Would you like to leave a separate letter to indicate how you would like your children to be raised? 

Would the guardians be the same people as the trustees?  Trustees transfer funds to the guardians from the children's trust funds for their upkeep, to ensure that the guardians are not out of pocket. Therefore there may be a conflict if the guardians and trustees are the same people.

Do remember that it is very unusual for both parents (or all adults with parental responsbility) to predecease children while they are under 18. However, it is sensible and in the best interests of your children to appoint a guardian in your will. Otherwise, the local authority may place your children in care until a suitable relative is ascertained. 

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