How much does it cost to make a Will?

The cost of making a Will varies and depends upon your circumstances, and the type of Will that you require.  It may be tempting to make a 'DIY' Will at a very low cost, however this is often a false economy.  When a Grant of Probate is obtained after death, the Will is sent to the Probate Registry, which is known as 'proving the Will'.  The Probate Registry is often weary of home made Wills, and may ask for an affadivit to be produced if they find any ambiguities.  We often see problems with the signing of home made Wills.  If a Will is not correctly signed (in accordance with the Wills Act), it is not valid.  Therefore, the estate will be divided up in accordance with the Laws of Intestacy.  Dealing with a home made, or an online Will can be very expensive post death when, of course, it is too late to make a professional Will. 

More complex Wills may include a Trust.  This may be to protect the beneficiaries in your Will, such as children or grandschildren, if they are likely to divorce, be made bankrupt, be in receipt of means tested benefits, or die themselves.  This type of will is more expensive as it takes longer to explain and to draft.  

Our fees are approximately half of those of a traditional law firm.  Therefore we offer a fantastic service at a reasonable price.  Please see our website for further details and for testimonials.