Making a Will

We all know we should make a Will, and here are just a few reasons why: 

  1. Ensuring your property and savings pass to the people and causes that you care about; 
  2. Avoiding claims by relatives; 
  3. Making life easier for your loved ones after you have gone. The administration of an Estate is far easier where there is a Will; 
  4. Protecting your assets for future generations. You may wish to leave your Estate to younger members of your family; 
  5. Saving Inheritance Tax, which is currently 40%; 
  6. Arranging your funeral wishes. Otherwise your Executors or a relative may have to guess your wishes, which can be stressful; 
  7. Making arrangements for the care of your children, also known as appointing Guardians. Otherwise your children may go into Local Authority care; and 
  8. Making arrangements for the care of your pets. Who will look after them? 

 The above list is non-exhaustive, but gives an idea of why making a Will is so important. See our website or contact us on 01661610309 for more information.