Office of the Public Guardian to refund Lasting Power of Attorney Registration Fees

The Office of the Public Guardian ('OPG') is to refund £89 million is excessive LPA registration fees. It is believed that the fee of £110 per registered LPA has been excessive for the last 4 years. 

The excessive fees are mainly a result of the increasing amount of Lasting Powers that have been registered, and greater efficiency by the OPG.  As the cost of the fees has exceeded the cost of the service, the Ministry of Justice is required to refund the excess. 

The refunds shall be made to thousands of eligible people within this current financial year, and refund details will be provided in due course. 

OPG fees have since been reduced from £110 to 82 per LPA registered.

Please contact our specialised solicitor, Emma Pringle, on 0774 385 7503 or by email to for further information regarding OPG fees, or making a Lasting Power of Attorney.