Why do we delay in the making of a Will?

Most of us are guilty of delaying the making of a will, but why? 

In my experience as a solicitor, I have found the following (legitimate!) reasons have come up time and time again: 

1.Too busy to see a solicitor through the working week; 

2. Don't want to use valuable annual leave to see a solicitor; 

3. Expense of making a will; 

4. Childcare/carer commitments;

5. Not sure who to use to make a will;

6. Thinking they are 'too young' to need a will;

7. Can't decide who to appoint as executors/guardians etc; and

8. The thought of tempting fate by making a will!  


In consideration of the above, we have made the process of making a will as easy as possible: 

1.Wills in Newcastle upon Tyne and Northumberland can be made by home visit at a time to suit you; 

2.Evening and weekend appointments are available; 

3.Wills by phone can also be made at your convenience, no need to take time off work; 

4.Phone appointments can be as late as 9pm, enabling you to make a will after your children are in bed; 

5.We will guide you through the process of making a will and explain the roles of executors, trustees, guardians    etc - all you have to do is advise us of their names and addresses;

6.We have fixed fees for basic wills of £99 for one, or £150 for a pair (no hidden costs); and 

7.As everyone over the age of 18 should make a will, we try to make the process as easy and flexible as possible  for all ages and family circumstances, in complete confidence. 


Please get in touch on 01661 610309 or go to www.mywillmychoice.co.uk for further information,