Why should I make a Lasting Power of Attorney ('LPA') for Health and Welfare?

 An LPA for health and welfare allows you (the 'Donor') to appoint people that you trust (your 'Attorneys') to make decisions about your health and welfare. They can make decisions only when you do not have the mental capacity to make such decisions.

Your Attorneys may (depending upon the wording of the LPA):

  • make decisions about your 'life sustaining treatment'. This includes the ability to consent to turning off or keeping you on a life support machine for as long as possible, depending upon your wishes; 
  • have the power to make decisions about your daily routine i.e. washing, dressing, eating; 
  • have a say in where you reside i.e. in a care home or at home (depending upon your neeeds); 
  • liaise with medical professionals regarding your treatment; and 
  • sit in on some meetings with medical professionals as your representative.

This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the powers your Attorneys may have to represent you, if you are not able to communicate your wishes.  

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