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If you would like more information about a Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs or Health and Welfare, please contact us by telephone, or by sending a message to us using the contact us box below. 

We are happy to provide you with as much advice and guidance that you require to ensure your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney reflects your wishes.  There is no time limit as to the guidance we may provide. 

The following steps may provide you with an idea as to the procedure for making your Will and/or Lasting Power of Attorney ('LPA'):

  • Step 1 – Contact us for a chat about your circumstances, or to arrange an appointment;
  • Step 2 –  At our meeting we will discuss the options with you in detail, and thereafter send your draft Will and/or Lasting Power of Attorney to you for approval; and
  • Step 3 – We will make any amendments necessary and arrange the signing of your Will and/or or Lasting Power of Attorney.

Please feel free to contact us by email at, by telephone or via the contact box below, we are happy to help!