Online Mirror Wills

£ 180.00

A pair of Mirror Wills are suitable for partners or a married couple. The Wills are a `mirror image’ of each other to ensure that the wishes of both parties shall take effect on the second death. 

A basic Will involves making a Will via our website, by telephone or by FaceTime.

When you have purchased your Will, we will contact you to request the following information:

1. Your full name and address;
2. The full names and addresses of your Executors (up to 4);
3. The full names, addresses and the relationship to you, of the people, or charities who are to inherit your estate; and
4. Which asset, or the share of your estate, that you would like each person or charity to inherit.

We can provide you with as much advice and guidance as you require, to ensure your Will reflects your wishes. There is no time limit, on the guidance that we may provide.  

Your Wills shall then be prepared and sent to you for signing.